The Life Of Megan Nance

Hi! I'm Megan Nance! I am a Mother, Wife, Photographer, Blogger, and Artist.


Learn how I created my businesses and blogs to work from home and care for my family!

Mesquite Texas Birth and Family Photographer. Visit our dedicated photography page!

Learn about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your dream life. 

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Law Of Attraction

Who Is Megan Nance

Hi! I’m Megan Nance. I am a mother, wife, and daughter located in Mesquite Texas. I  am a photographer and blogger, as well as someone who believes in the Law of Attraction. I started because I knew I wanted to brand my own name for not only my photography career, but also knew that Odysseys With Love needed to be more focused on travel and I needed to bring my work from home and Law of Attraction to a new site. 

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Starting A New YouTube Channel

I started to think over the last couple of days about my different things I talk about here on Odysseys With Love, and wanted to have a seperate area that I could talk about Law of Attraction, Mom Life, Unboxings, and keep the travel related stuff up on Odysseys With Loves youtube channel. So over the last few days,I Am Starting A New YouTube Channel. Megan Nance is all. I just thought it would be best to keep branding simple and just use my own name… I may be moving everything I do over to that channel sooner or later. 

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Law of Attraction Journal

How To Create A Law Of Attraction Journal to manifest your dream life. Do you enjoy writing? The best way to get your vibrations up and the universe working for you.

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STOP! You Have To Read How I lost the last 14 years of Photos and Got Them Back

Over the past few days, I have been reorganizing my Lightroom Catalog and my external hard drive. I have over 14 years worth of images, both personal and professionally on this drive. 30 thousand images. I have client images from when I first started my photography career on that drive. I had the “smart” idea to delete old file folders off of this drive without thinking really to check them. It was my new folder that I deleted.

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