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The other day, while visiting Walgreens to pickup my moms medication, I noticed they had a beautiful journal with a saying I fell in love with. I have a bad habit of buying journals and notebooks and never using them, but this one gave me an idea. Why not create a Law Of Attraction Journal? Let’s talk about this.

What is a Law Of Attraction Journal? It is simply a journal with a cover that brings you joy and you write in it as if the things you are manifesting into your life have already happened. I have seen where others use a different journal for different things they are manifesting.

My Law Of Attraction Journal

Every morning I wake up and create a heading for a page with my Cricut Maker.  I write in the journal as if that thing I am manifesting has already come to be in my life. I chose this journal because I will always be chasing my dreams. It is also 340 pages and large, so it gives me room to write, and space to add something new every day for almost a year. 

I’ll be writing in it as if it were a diary of my life. Setting aside time everyday to write. 

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Things To Remember While Creating A Law Of Attraction Journal

While creating your Law Of Attraction Journal, remember these things to help you manifest your dream life. 

  • Write in it everyday, carve out time to do this.
  • Write in your journal as if those things have already happened
  • Choose a journal that brings you joy.
  • Make sure it is empty and has never been used.
  • The size of the journal should relate to the size of your goal.
  • Write One Page Per Day.
  • Think BIG, don't let your fears control your journal.
  • Write in Detail!

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