Game Changer Coming Soon To Ford Motor Company?

Oh how I wish I could be one of the first to test drive the new game changer coming soon to Ford Motor Company. I normally don’t write about cars and trucks on here other than the post i created on picking the best truck for hauling your RV, but Ford’s prototype f-150 was released yesterday. I haven’t been this excited about a vehicle in a while. 

I have tossed around replacing my car with a Tesla for a while, but since I am writing my Law of Attraction Journal, and knew I would be including a electric vehicle in it,  Ford Motor Company couldn’t have released the new All Electric F-150 Prototype at a more perfect time. 

Ford's All-Electric Prototype F-150 Video

All I can say is I hope to see more information on this game changing truck! I was considering the Tesla Model X, but with this truck if it can do just a little of what it showed in this video, I will be extremely excited and happy to not only give this truck a test drive, but to own! 

I do not own either the photos or video on this blog post. They are part of the media release and information found here.

FORD! Hint Hint! I would love to be a affiliate for this awesome new truck!!!

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