Who Is Megan Nance

Hi! I’m Megan Nance. I am a mother, wife, and daughter located in Mesquite Texas. I  am a photographer and blogger, as well as someone who believes in the Law of Attraction. I started MeganNance.com because I knew I wanted to brand my own name for not only my photography career, but also knew that Odysseys With Love needed to be more focused on travel and I needed to bring my work from home and Law of Attraction to a new site. 

If you would like to view my photography work, please feel free to head over to Megan Nance Photography. If you are looking for Travel and information regarding The Mesquite Texas Guide, head on over to Odysseys With Love. 

But Who is Megan Nance?

First and foremost, I am a mother! I am a work from home mom that enjoys my photography career but I am also a former Police Officer, Security Manager and Specialist. I spent 12 years in the Security and Law Enforcement fields. Will you find information about either of those on here? I may drop a few articles on safety and security for your family every now and again but that is not my focus here. 

I am a photography and Blogger and have been doing bother of those for over 14 years. I have had something or somewhere I would write since I fist started out on the internet 20+ years ago. I am also learning about cinematography, and will be posting information about that here and on my new youtube that I will have up and running soon too! 

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. I script, and plan to have my journal here (I will have a category like pages and post if you know about blogging and wordpress) where I will be scripting my dream life every day. I am trying to stop wasting so much paper, so my digital journal here, will be replacing my physical journals. 

Just Give MeganNance.Com some Time

If you are here before my official launch! Thank you for being here. I know there isn’t much information on here just yet, but I am getting ready and will be bulk uploading a lot of information in the coming days. I will be moving a lot of the post and information form Odysseys With Love over but will be writing a lot of brand new content in the coming days. So be on the lookout for that here! 

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Hi! and welcome to my little corner of the web! I am the owner of both Odysseys With Love and Odysseys Studio. 

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