My Favorite Mood Fabrics’ Patterns I Can’t Wait To Try

I originally started to write about my sewing adventure over on Odysseys With Love, but since then I have been looking up free patterns and projects for me to try out once I have my machine. I knew about Mood Fabric’s from several YouTube channels that I watch and started to look around on there for when I make Skyler’s Homecoming Dress for next year. That is what really started this desire to sew. 

That is when I noticed that Mood Fabrics has patterns on their website. Not only does Mood Fabrics have patterns, but they are FREE patterns! So for today I want to do a little roundup of the top 10 patterns I plan on making after I make my first project, which will be a quilt for Skyler!

My Top 10 Mood Fabric's Free Patterns!

All of the images below belong to Mood Fabric’s. If you would like the pattern for the item of clothing, click on the image to view the pattern. 

I know that some of these patterns are a little harder than beginner sewers should attempt, but I plan on starting slow. I know not only am I getting the Sewing and Embroidery Combo machine, but a serger also, so I will be able to finish off most of these items pretty well. I can’t wait to share my sewing journey with you all!

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My Favorite Mood Fabrics' Patterns I Can't Wait To Try

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