Planning My Sewing Adventure

Over on Odysseys With Love, I wrote about planning my sewing adventure. I have done a little more research since then, and I think I am going to change the direction of the machine I plan on using. I wrote about patterns that I want to use from Mood Fabrics here the other day, but I wanted you to also know about planning and my research here also.

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My Favorite Mood Fabrics’ Patterns I Can’t Wait To Try

I originally started to write about my sewing adventure over on Odysseys With Love, but since then I have been looking up free patterns and projects for me to try out once I have my machine. I knew about Mood Fabric’s from several YouTube channels that I watch and started to look around on there for when I make Skyler’s Homecoming Dress for next year. That is what really started this desire to sew.

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