Affordable Dentures Mesquite Update

A few months ago, I shared my denture story. I had to go into Affordable Dentures yesterday to have a soft liner placed in mine since my gums have been healing once again. So I wanted to share again how impressed I have been with the Affordable Dentures Mesquite Team once again! 

Haven’t read My Denture Story yet? Head there now if you would like! Again this is just an update between getting my Temporary Denture and Hopefully My Permanent Denture here soon! 

Going In For An Adjustment and Softliner At Affordable Dentures And Implants!

I hate it, but the last week or so, I have looked like the first images simply because the denture has not fit well and made me gag bad. I also didn’t like how it pushed my lip up and made it look too bulky. The ladies that did the soft liner actually asked me if I prefered to have the soft liner cut off on the front part due to this!

YES! I now have a normal looking lip again! I can not brag on the ladies that work in this office more! They are always so sweet to me and my mom when she had hers done a few years ago at this location I remember the same thing!

I wasn’t able to take many photos and I wasn’t going to attempt to do any video at this time. I want to make sure I have permission to do video before I do something like that. I will be updating this with each visit, and I am hoping to upgrade from the economy denture to a better one when I go to get my permanent denture! Want to help support my denture adventure? Make sure to read the full story and support us by using links found on Odysseys With Love to purchase goods and services!  

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