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Even though Christmas this year is going to be a hard year for my family, I still wanted to put together a Christmas Wish List for things that I really want not only for myself but for the kids and hubby as well. Some of these things will have links that are affiliate links to amazon if I am able to find it on Amazon, but most of the links will not have an affiliate account with it. This may also be a little hint to the hubby for myself or for family that reads and wants to help this year, which I doubt any of them will be reading. 

If you are new here, the reason Christmas is going to be hard this year isn’t due to the virus and what is going on in the world, but my mother passed away on Christmas Eve last year. It is also the biggest reason I have not been Blogging and/or Vlogging this year. But, this is the Christmas Wish List for my family!

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Sewist Christmas Wish List.

SparrowX by Eversewn

I currently have the Sparrow 30s and I absolutely love it. The only reason I want to upgrade or really add to my sewing room is because I really want to include embroidery and the Sparrow X by Eversew is a beautiful machine. It is currently available on Amazon if you are curious about purchasing this machine also. 

Why do I want to add embroidery to my work? I am planning to do a lot of vintage style dress, and adding embroidery can help give my work my own flare! Check it out here on Amazon!

The Golden Rule - Sewing Pattern System

While watching Inside the Hem on YouTube, I was introduced to The Golden Rule.  Watching this tool on her channel got me extremely excited and I had to go looking to see how much it cost and to look at the different designs that were included within the Classic 280 set. That is why it is on my Christmas Wish List this year. I only need two measurements to make anyone in my family great clothing and seems like I won’t need to make a lot of adjustments to them to make them fit perfectly. 

While researching the patterns and this system, I found out that it has been around since 1935! Why haven’t we seen more of this! Check out some of the patterns I am excited to work with below!

Fab Scrap Fabrics

At one point I looked up free fabric scraps and came across and while I can’t order their fabric scraps for free, I love the business model they use for recycling fabric waste. Clothing Designers and Companies will pay to send their scraps and unwanted fabric waste that would normally head out to the landfill for a small fee, and people volunteer their time to help sort out what is sent in. 

Those that volunteer their time can receive 5 lbs of fabric for their time. If you are like me and want to help reduce fabric waste, and want to order fabric from them they offer a few different options. 

Naturals Yard Pack - Dark
A curated selection of black, grey, or dark navy, all-natural cellulosic or animal fiber fabrics totaling 3 yds
Shop Here
A surprise selection of white, off-white, and grey fabrics. Select between a 3YD-Pack or 1 YD-Piece option.
Shop Here
A one pound surprise selection of multi-color fabric scraps:
Shop Here
A one pound selection of fur fabric scraps
Shop Here

These are just a few options for surprise boxes that are available for purchase. You can also order yards of some fabrics and even have leathers and notions. I hope to have a gift card for here in my stocking or even one of the boxes! 

Travel and Adventure Christmas List

Bell Tent by Stout Tent

I fell in love with bell tents once our family got into camping, and I have wanted one for a while now. Watching Allison tent camp at Disney World in a Stout Tent, just confirmed that that is what our family will need to have when we head to Disney! Now to just figure out what size her tent was! 

Now for Stout Tent, when looking up information on them, I found a few reasons why I really want one of their tents. The owner, Jim Stout is a US Army Veteran, like my husband and brother. Supporting Veterans means a lot to my family.  Another thing that caught my eye is they don’t just make these tents, they live in them for months at a time. Knowing that, means I know I am getting something of high quality. 

Disney Gift Cards

We can’t tent camp in Disney without having money to go to Disney! Every time I have money left over, I purchase a Disney gift card. This way we will be able to visit Disney World hopefully sooner rather than later. I also use Swagbucks to get gift cards to Target and Walmart and turn those into cards for Disney also! 

For The Woodworker In The Family

Tacklife Drill Press and Tools

Skyler started high school this year, and she is taking the intro to construction class. We also got the news that our school district is opening another high school that will be focusing on trades and tech that will open next year that she applied to the construction technology pathway. 

While she was working with her teacher she has come home saying that she wants, this or that, and she told me the other day that she wants a drill press. I have this on her Christmas list for this year including this Tacklife drill press. Below you will find a few more things that are on her wish list also from Tacklife

Woodworking Shed For Skyler and James

Right now Skyler and James don’t really have anywhere to work at home. Both of them have places like school and work, but that doesn’t really help with being able to do work at home right now. Best Barns has a decent priced shed that we could use for them to store not only the tools but could also work out of it. Our shed currently is WAY too small. 

Do you have any ideas to add to the Christmas Wish List?

Comment down below if you have a few ideas for the Christmas Wish list for the Sewist, Travel and Adventure Junkie, or the Woodworker in your family! We would love to hear your ideas for your family! 

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ideas for the Christmas Wish list for the Sewist, Travel and Adventure Junkie, or the Woodworker in your family! We would love to hear your ideas for your family! 

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