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Every article that I have read about daily manifestation journals, says that you should use pen and paper. I have tried this in the past, and yes, I love writing in them, but after I fill up one journal, I need to get another. Sometimes I would get another daily manifestation journal before I even finished the last one.

Earlier this year I purchased my *iPad Pro and *Apple Pencil. I use the app called GoodNotes 5 for my Digital planner, and was thinking that since I use the digital notebooks and the Apple Pencil, that I would be able to start a Daily Manifestation Journal with GoodNotes.

Why You Should Have A Pen and Paper Manifestation Journals

When you use pen and paper for your manifestation journal, you become more engaged with your writing compared to writing using a computer or mobile device normally. I know that writing blog post like this I am not as slow at writing as when I am hand writing my entries.

Being engaged with your writing is important and lets you slow down and refine what you are planning to put down on paper. But, like me, this may not be the best method for manifestation journaling you you.

Why I Use A Digital Journal To Manifest My Dreams

As I was starting to accumulate several journals for my bad habit, and wouldn’t take my journals with me on the daily, I created my Manifestation Journal on my tablet and with GoodNotes, I always have my journal with me.

With GoodNotes, I am able to have the feel of writing with a pen since I use the Apple Pencil to write in the journal and I use the paper templates within the app to feel more like writing on paper. I hope to also get the paperlike screen protector for the iPad here soon also.

When Do I Journal in My Digital Manifestation Journal?

I am actually journaling twice a day in two different journals. I have my 55×5 journal that I use every morning with one journal that has narrow ruled two columns that I will write the same thing 55 times for 5 days. These are daily affirmations like “Money flows into my life joyously and freely.”

Then I have my evening Daily Manifestation Journal. This is my dream life journal where I script out my day as if the things I am manifesting into my life have come true. I write this with as much excitement and joy as I truely feel that these things have come into my life already.

What Is Your Why?

Do you use a manifestation journal? What is your view on digital journals for manifesting your dream life? Let me know down in the comments and don’t forget to continue reading more about the Law of Attraction with these articles on the site!

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Why do I use a Digital Journal for my Daily Manifestation Journal to use the Law of Attraction to attract my dream life!
Why do I use a Digital Journal for my Daily Manifestation Journal to use the Law of Attraction to attract my dream life!

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