depression sucks

Depression Sucks

I’ve talked about depression a few times in the past, and you know what? Depression SUCKS! I have suffered from depression for a few years now. I have a suspicion that it might actually be a form of PTSD but don’t really want to call it that either. 

For the past five years, I have taken care of my mother. That came to a sudden halt on Christmas Eve last year. I knew before that day, I had been depressed but was doing ok and showed the world that I was ok. Now that she is gone, that depression has really taken a stronghold on me and I really struggle with it. 

Why Has Depression Sucked So Hard?

2020 has made getting back on my feet so much harder. Both of the girls are home due to Covid, money is tight, the stay at home orders, the presidential race, all of this has really bothered me and added to what happened last year. 

The closer that we come to the anniversary of my mother’s death, the more I feel it. I start crying for no reason. With me not working still and loosing one income stream, Christmas is also starting to hurt also in a different way. I know I can still do Christmas for my girls but it is going to be a little harder.  

Coming Back To Blogging

I know this post will most likely not get any hits, and I think that is one thing that has hurt that I walked away from the blogging community over a year ago. I am ready to head back into the community and make blogging friends again. I need to start posting here more often along with things that we are doing as a family and other things that I am doing to find myself. So I am sorry for disappearing for so long but I am ready to make a comeback.

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I have been suffering from depression and slowly trying to find myself again. A Rabling post about depression and loss.
I have been suffering from depression and slowly trying to find myself again. A Rabling post about depression and loss.

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