I Inherited My Home. Plans To Update It.

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I hate taking about it, but know that the only way for me to really heal after the traumatic death of my mother, is to talk about it. One thing that I haven’t talked much about is the fact that I inherited my home that I have always lived in. There have been a few hurdles that I have to go through for everything to be legal but I am working on that as we speak.

Plans To Update The Home I Inherited.

So the house that I have always lived in is slowly falling apart around me. I know it is time to update things around it to make it livable for my family. The first big thing is going to be installing a new AC/Heating system. I have done some research on the type that we can install and I think I have figured out what I want to install.


We plan to install two of these outside with two for the back bedrooms, and two for our living room and front garage conversion room.

MrCool DIY 24K BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation – Energy Star 240V with Line Set Cover & IR WiFi Thermostat

Building A Office / Workshop In Our Backyard

One good thing about being with James, is he is a carpenter and loves to build with wood. My oldest daughter Skyler is also planning on taking into to construction in school (what we use to call wood shop) so I know that I need to have a workshop for them. I also want to use the Glowforge and epoxy projects and in my current workspace, those are not possible. So We are planning to build a unattached space in our backyard that will be separated from the wood and the office space to keep the computer and epoxy projects clean.

We have a huge slab that use to house our old shed that we will most likely use. Or we could just completely gut my yard and start fresh, I am not 100% sure at this time.

Ripping Down Wall In The Home I Inherited.

We are planning on ripping down the wall my ex built in one of my homes bedrooms to create two smaller ones. Once the shed is built, I am planning on moving my office space into the shed, and then moving my youngest Rhyan into the office space (converted garage). Skylers bedroom will then have that wall taken down and we plan to decorate it like The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is excite about this.

Updating The Fireplace

I have a love hate relationship with my fireplace.

It’s a huge Fox and Jacob Fireplace, but it is the red brick like our outdoor brick. That brick i don’t mind, but it seems to be too dark in our home. I am going to be painting it white, with black trim.

Do You Have Any Tips and Tricks For Remodeling A Home?

We plan to also do our bathrooms and our kitchen with the fridge most likely being the very first thing we replace since I think ours is from the early 90’s. I am lucky this thing is still working! What are your tips and trick? Leave us a comment below!

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