Shopping At Aldi in Mesquite Texas

With a very limited budget, I knew I would only have $70.00 to purchase at least a week’s worth of groceries (I would love for this to last two weeks), so off to go shopping at Aldi in Mesquite Texas. I have only stepped into this store three times now, and I have to say I am highly impressed. 

First, let’s talk about why I am shopping at Aldi in Mesquite Texas. Last month, when my mother passed away, we lost 1/3 of our monthly income. James was also laid off of his job shortly after this (but has been hired on by a different company now), so I am having to be VERY strict with my budget until either my photography takes off again,  the little ad below is clicked on (read how bloggers make money), or I am hired on by another company since I am putting in applications again.

So What Is Our Monthly Budget?

Right now, my monthly income is a little over $1300 for the month. That covers all of our basic needs. I do not have a mortgage or rent. Since we are in a house I do have to pay taxes. Other than that we have our utilities and items I need to run the blog, photography basic software, and groceries. I also fit in a few entertainment items into this budget. 

But, let’s talk about my grocery budget. I have always been good about being able to go grocery shopping on a budget and be able to feed my family with a relatively low budget. I am feeding two adults, a teen, and a child for this budget. 

So How Did I Go Shopping at Aldi in Mesquite Texas and Why I Chose That Store?

In the past, I have shopped at Aldi in Mesquite to pick up a few things when I was curious about the store. I loved it but didn’t have much money at the time to do much shopping, I just needed a thing or two. This time, I knew how much I had and knew a few things about Aldi. I chose to shop at Aldi in Mesquite Texas because it is in my hometown, plus after watching a video on youtube I knew that I could get a lot of good deals buy just looking and carefully comparing what I would normally purchase at the neighborhood Walmart. 

When shopping at Aldi, I purchased a lot of fresh produce. I knew that their prices were better than what I could get at the neighborhood Walmart, so those were a lot of what I picked up this time. I also did bread, canned goods, and I picked up what I needed to make lasagna. Rhyan really wanted to make sloppy joes, and we picked up a few things for snacks. 

How We Stayed On Budget?

James had his calculator our while we were shopping, and would round up the price of the items we were getting (he did this for tax, not knowing Texas does not charge taxes for food items) and when we hit above my budget, I started to look into the cart to see what we did not need. I put a few things back because I did not want to go too far over my budget. 

After checking out, and the VERY nice clerk, told me my price, I was not only surprised because even though I wanted to budget $70.00, what we had in the cart was coming up to around what I thought was $80 plus. When she told me that it was only $64 and some change, I was thrilled because I knew I still needed milk and a few other things throughout the week. 

Do You Have Any Tips For Shopping On A Budget?

Let us know down in the comments about tips you want to share down in the comments. Or have you shopped at this store or any others? I hope to do a video blog about grocery shopping here soon, and more videos about businesses here in Mesquite, let me know if you want a certain store featured here! 

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