Slabs BBQ | Mesquite Texas

When our family is craving BBQ, there is only one place that we go. Slab’s BBQ. I have been stopping in here for at least 10 years if not longer. This is the best BBQ you can get in DFW, and definitely Mesquite Texas where it is located at. 

Now, don’t plan to head in here for a sit down meal, this is a grab and go place. But the Chopped Pork and well everything here is cooked to perfection for you to bring home for dinner. 

Every Time I have stopped in to pick something up, I am greeted by the owner, Larry. He has learned about me and my family over the years and has alway asked how everyone is. I have always felt like not only does he care about me as a customer, but also as a person. He is energetic and gets the items I ask for quickly but we always end up in a conversation while I am there, this is always prompted by me, but I enjoy talking to him. 

The Best BBQ In DFW Located In Mesquite Texas

I wish I was better at food photography and could buy everything that he makes to put together shots for you on this, but, atlast I am not one that can put together food well. BUT! When we stop in I always get a few different things. 

The Chopped Pork! OMG It is melt in your mouth good! 

The Chopped and Sliced Beef is just as good, but we don’t get it as often. 

The Sausage is my favorite thing to get when stopping here, as I LOVE sausage! I mean it. I love his sausage!

I can not cook Ribs, so when I want ribs, you know this is where I am going! 

But, the one thing that we get here that is very hard to find anywhere else really, the Fried Okra! This is something that we have stopped in just to pick up one thing. We need to start getting more than one large because it is that good. It is almost always eaten in a few minutes and it is gone! If you like Okra, then you HAVE to get some okra from here!

Where Is The Best BBQ In DFW?

With a 4.2 out of 84 reviews on google, I have to agree with them, except I would give a full 5 stars!

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